To My Roommates

Here's to us, here's to the blissful 9 months we all shared in P6. Every moment spent with you two has been a total ride filled with laughs, good memories, and endless joy. You both brought so much kindness, happiness, and life into my first year at uni. Thank you Miri, and Belly for being the best roommates I could ever have. Our travels together had been amazing; discovering new cities and finding small nooks together is unforgettable.

In Lugano, you two were the sisters I never had, and the mothers I often needed. You two have always had my back through thick and thin, from my crazy drunk antics to my tears that I tried to hide from you guys. Right now, Belly is sitting on the couch on her phone (probably on Pinterest), and Miri is asleep in bed. I'm sitting at my newly clean desk (they'll know how crazy this is), and I'm reminiscing everything. With only 14 days left here with you two, I wanna pay homage to the fun filled year with you two, and just tell you two how thankful I am that FUS brought us together. I am so lucky to have met such beautiful girls, inside and out. You two will accomplish so much over your lives and I can't wait to see you two explore the world and grow first hand. I am always here for you, and I will always be with you two no matter the distance between us. You can count on that.  

I love you two very much, I will miss you two so so so much over the summer . I can't wait to see you in the fall, Belly. And Miri, you come to me or I'll go to you. 

I am always yours,