College: Preparing Mentally

Starting last year, my junior year, at least 75% of what I thought about was college. The process of starting a Naviance, UCAS, writing applications, taking standardized tests, and college visits is all very daunting for some, while for others it is an exciting beginning to a new chapter in your life. I, myself, have had a mixture of both excitement and concern since starting, but recently I have found myself more scared. Since I accepted my schools offer, the whole college thing has sunk in as a real thing, which will happen in only a short few months.

At a recent senior retreat, several faculty members talked to us about the last few months of school and how to make sure we have the best remaining few months here. Not only that, but the school touched on how to treat one another, not only students, but teachers as well, during this time of high emotion. They said that everyone deals with it differently, and will act accordingly to how they feel. The one thing they wanted us to take away from their talks, were that we must understand, and respect everyone. After those talks, I began to think about how I would tackle addressing the issue of emotions, how to acknowledge them, and help yourself feel a bit better. Because in the end even if we are excited, the whole process still terrifying.

Acknowledge the issue at hand, and don’t ignore it: Some believe that with time, all your emotional issues will solve itself and disappear, which is true, but with college it’s different. Whatever you’re feeling, no matter what the emotion is, it’s always good to talk to someone, especially family. The majority of all kids on their way to college will think about leaving their family, comfort spaces, etc. Your family is the only think you’ve known since day one, it’s totally healthy to be scared shitless about leaving the most constant thing in your life. Talking to them about how you feel will give you a better idea of what to expect when you leave because with that discussion comes resolutions, ways to make you feel more comfortable, etc because in the end the only thing your parents want you to be is feeling safe, excited, and ready to leave.

Savor the time you have: Like I said earlier, everyone deals with leaving differently. One thing I have found helpful is savoring everything about anything. I take more time to appreciate the city I live in, my friends, school, parents, and the overall amazing life I live in Seattle. I tend to travel a lot, but these past two years have been me basically not wanting to travel because I want to spend as much time as possible here. With becoming more aware of things as I prepare to leave, I have a lot of time to think. I don’t only think about college. I think about the impression I want to leave at my school, community, friends, family, you name it. I think about my future, and about how I’m so excited but so, so scared at the same time. My life has only just begun, and I am so lucky to be going to a school in Switzerland, but everything about it seems daunting to me. In the end, look forward to the future, but make sure to appreciate and remember everything you’ve had in your life so far.

If anyone reading this is going to college soon, everything will be okay and work itself out. Be happy to start something new, remember everything around you, and be kind to everyone in your class regardless.


                                                                                    I remain yours,