Unplug: The piece no one wants to read.

With being apart of the digital age, it's not hard to find hundreds of articles and people discussing the future of humans with the involvement of technology, and how we should unplug. I believe that there is a perfect balance. We don't need to completely "unplug" from the web, and smart technology, but I don't think that looking at a screen is good thing either.  

Unplugging from all things digital has offered me a new perspective. Some (my family) would argue that I'm never not on my phone, but that isn't true. I have recently made the effort to stop relying on my phone so much, and enjoying the environment around me and how appreciation in the smallest things can be the most important. If it weren't for me not looking at my phone during car rides, I would have never noticed the sun in the morning, kids leaving for school, and pedestrians hurrying to catch their bus. At the same time, I appreciate the digital age, I can appreciate all the benefits we have received because of it. There are also several physical downsides to being on your phone too much. For example, your overall posture when you're on your phone is usually in a hunched position, and when someone is on their phone too much, people are bound to be in a lot of pain. Another thing is that being on your phone too long can lead to dry eyes, blurred vision, and the lights the phone omits can have someone have a hard time sleeping as well as not having a deep enough sleep, so the user does not feel as rested. 

With development of technology, I can talk to my family in Japan easily, for no costs. There are new mediums growing everyday, and people have the opportunity to put themselves out on the internet to be found. Friends, lovers, business partners, and more can be made on the internet. It's a new, and ever growing way we can stay updated on the latest with everything, whether it be the news, Instagram, updated with friends, the stock market, you name it. Also a smartphone has pretty much everything you need from music, planners, photos, bank account info, shopping, email, etc. 

In the end neither opposite sides of the spectrum are perfect, there is a perfect medium. To find the perfect medium, is a case by case basis, everyone is different and can find their own balance. 

Karina SatoComment