Oldies but Goodies

Recently over the past few months I have found myself obsessively and constantly playing songs from the 60's-80's and I've only just realized how great the music is from those decades. In this post I'll tell you about some of my favorite artists and some of my personal song picks. 

1. Norman Greenbaum 

Known for his most popular song Spirit In the Sky, Norman Greenbaum's music can easily be found when one is on a road trip, drinking with friends, or cooking a meal. His music is versatile, folk like mixed with rock. My personal is Spirit In the Sky, but other songs I recommend are Marcy and Milk Cow. 

2. Redbone

Redbone's music consists of funky blues mixed with rock. They were most popular in the 70's, and in that decade they released my personal favorite song, Come and Get Your Love which is a cheerful, soulful song to dance and sing to. This band has extreme talent. 

3. Blue Swede

I don't think anyone can list of the best bands from the 60's and 70's without listing Blue Swede. Blue Swede defined the generation with their iconic song Hooked on a Feeling with its raw, upbeat rock vibe. Sure, I can always go for their most popular song but my picks are Always Something There to Reming Me and Never My Love.